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Getting to Know the Warden House in Hero Academy 2!

Get insight into the Warden house and Warden deckbuilding strategies!
Blog // 2018-02-16

Patch 1.32 Now Available!

Find out what's changed in the latest version!
News // 2018-02-12

Card Crafting Guide

Get insight into the card crafting system!
Blog // 2018-02-06

Hero Academy 2 Launch Recap

What a launch it has been! We’re thrilled to have Hero Academy 2 available throughout the world on iOS and Android devices as well as available in early access for PC and Mac.
Blog // 2018-01-30

5 Things to Know About Hero Academy 2

School is back in session! You'll be crushing crystals in no time with these tips.
Video // 2018-01-29

Getting to Know the Council House

Get insight into the Council house and Council deckbuilding strategies!
Blog // 2018-01-25

Getting Started in Hero Academy 2

Welcome to the Hero Academy, Captain! Before you become a master tactician and climb the ranks you’ll need to learn the basics of cards and combat that combine to make Hero Academy 2 a tactical double threat!
Blog // 2018-01-17

Hero Academy is Back! Award-Winning Tactics Return with Hero Academy 2

Sequel Combines Cards, Deck-Building, and Real-Time Battles
News // 2018-01-17

Hero Academy 2 Launch Patch Notes

World Wide launch is here! Thank you to all of the earliest Hero Academy 2 players, and welcome to all the new and returning Captains!
News // 2018-01-16

Hero Academy 2 Soft Launches in Canada

We have some exciting news to share with you all: Hero Academy 2 has soft-launched in Canada!
News // 2018-01-08